Sea Drone Range

Ocean Modules pioneered the six degrees of freedom concept for inspection class remotely-operated underwater vehicles and has been the market leader for innovation, quality, reliability and customer support ever since.

The automatic stability control and ease of use make Ocean Modules sea drone systems the tool of choice for navies, coast guards, researchers, border protection agencies, fisheries and energy industries on every continent.


Ocean Modules V8 L3000 Offshore

Ocean Modules V8 L3000 Offshore

Ocean Modules V8 L3000 Offshore

The V8 L3000 Offshore is the first vehicle to be based on the brand-new Ocean Modules third-generation ROV platform, equipped with the same V8 360° control system software of its predecessors.

The new platform adds more power, virtually unlimited expansion, extremely accurate station-holding, constant altitude, remote software updates, a 3000 meter depth rating, Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data communication and support for up to 10 thrusters, among hundreds of other new features and abilities.

Ocean Modules V8 M500 Intervention

The V8 M500 Intervention is based on the success of the original six degrees of freedom ROV but totally reengineered on the new electronics platform first introduced in the V8 L3000 Offshore.

The V8 M500 supports practically all of the features of its larger sibling, including the control system that allows a full 360 degrees with maintained platform stability, but in a nimble package easily handled by a small crew.

The V8 M500 has been put to use all over the globe, from conquering both poles through research expeditions, to protecting the borders of Finland, Australia and China to supporting existing and emerging energy markets in Norway and Russia.

Ocean Modules V8 M500 Intervention

Ocean Modules V8 M500 Intervention



The center of gravity and center of buoyancy are placed the middle of the vehicle. Stability is created artificially, using eight vectored thrusters, an advanced control system and feedback from precise sensors. This approach allows the ROV to hold any position, with unlimited pitch and roll, indefinitely. External forces such as tether drag, swell, current or payload are automatically corrected.



The unique capability of the V8 range of ROV systems to rotate 360° around any axis allows operation in tricky spaces and the capability to conduct sonar and video inspections that follow the profile of sea floor, ship hull or subsea structure.



Redundancy, robustness and diagnostics are engineering into every new electronic, software and mechanical module, from automatically resetting electronic fuses to leak detection and ground fault detection capabilities.

V8 L3000 Offshore V8 M500 Intervention
Max Depth 3000 m 500 m
Frame Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Size 1190x840x890 mm 840x655x670 mm
Speed < 2.5 knots < 3 knots
Weight in Air 270 kg 70 kg
Payload 30 kg 12 kg
Thrusters 8x T150 8x T110 HV
Power 8x 1500 W 8x 750 W
Control System V8 360° Freedom V8 360° Freedom
Diagnostics ROV Analyser Software ROV Analyser Software
Operating Temp. -5°C to 40°C -5°C to 40°C
Primary Fuses Auto Resetting Electronic Auto Resetting Electronic
Secondary Fuses Thermal (Disaster Protection) Thermal (Disaster Protection)
Cameras 6x Analog Composite
2x High Definition
4x Analog Composite
2x High Definition
Illumination 8x LED 4x LED
Data Gigabit Ethernet
12x RS-232
12x RS-485
Gigabit Ethernet
4x RS-232
4x RS-485
Analog Input 6x 0 to ±24 V
3x 0 to 5 V
3x 4 to 20 mA
2x 0 to ±24 V
1x 0 to 5 V
1x 4 to 20 mA
Analog Output 16x 0 to ±12 V 2x 0 to ±12 V
Manipulator 1F
5F (skid-mounted)
5F (skid-mounted)
Power Output Fixed 24 VDC
Adjustable 5 to 18 VDC
2x 400 W
Fixed 24 VDC
Adjustable 5 to 18 VDC
400 W