Air Drone Range

Since its founding in 2007 ACC Innovation has developed and manufactured high-technology air and sea applications. The current focus is large (500-2000 kg) state of the art unmanned VTOL RPAS (Vertical Take Off & Landing Remotely Piloted Ariel Systems) drones that enable clients to replace or supplement existing manned helicopters and aircrafts. Unmanned systems are far safer and more efficient operating in dangerous environments.

ACC Innovation Thunderwasp

ACC Innovation Thunderwasp

Thunderwasp Air Drone

The Thunderwasp air drone is a scalable system starting at only 200 kg for easy handling, while offering top-range payload capacity. The Thunderwasp can run on 95 to 98 octane standard petrol or Jet A1 fuel.

The Thunderwasp can integrate and carry almost any sensor with a weight of up to 1000 kg, even higher with customisation, while unique patented driveline creates minimal vibration for stable sensor and video operation.

Locust Air Drone

The Locust air drone is constructed around a strong, lightweight and robust carbon fibre main body and framework, primarily built on COTS products for high operational reliability, low cost and high availability of spare parts.

The Locust has a modular construction for quick and simple storage and mobilization, and can be equipped with an electric motor for operation in sensitive environments.

ACC Innovation Locust

ACC Innovation Locust


Modular Design

ACC Innovation air drones can be disassembled quickly and easily into lightweight modules for simple demobilization, transport and mobilization.

Thunderwasp Locust
Type Quad Rotor Tandem Rotor
Length incl. rotor blades 6.5 m
Width incl. rotor blades 6.5 m
Diameter rotor blades 3.0 m 2.9 m
Height 1.6 m
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 870 kg 380 kg (Simonini 120 hp)
Empty weight 230 kg 147 kg
Fuel capacity 400 kg
Engine alternatives Piston Engine
Heavy Fuel Engine
Turbo Shaft
Simonini Victor Super 2 (Automotive Gasoline)
PBS TJ100 Turboshaft (Heavy Fuel)
DC 12/24V (Electric)
Power Output 151 kW - 180 kW
Max speed 95 knots (IAS)
Loiter speed 55 kn (IAS)
Cruising speed 112 km/h
Endurance +5 h 5 h (140 kg Payload)
Endurance 300 kg payload +3 h
Service ceiling 4000 m ASL ISA Conditions 15000 ft (ISA Conditions)
Service ceiling 400 kg fuel and 300 kg payload 3000 m ASL ISA Conditions