Ocean Modules Sweden AB

We pioneered the six degrees of freedom concept for inspection class underwater drones and have been the market leader for innovation, quality, reliability and customer support ever since.

The automatic stability control, ease of use and patented survey management software makes our systems the tool of choice for navies, coast guards, hydrographic institutions, border protection agencies, water police departments, crash site investigators, marine biologists, marine archeologists, research institutions, universities, fisheries, survey companies, fish farmers and companies in the oil, gas and wind power industries on every continent.

The brand new and totally reeng- ineered drone ranges take these well-established concepts several steps into the future, adding redundancy, robustness and diagnosis based on engineering talent recruited from the fighter jet, medical device and banking system industries.

The technology has been put to use all over the globe, from conqu- ering both the North Pole and the South Pole through research expeditions, to protecting the borders of Finland, Australia and China to supporting existing and emerging energy markets in Norway and Russia.

Activity planning, execution and reporting has never been easier, faster, cheaper or safer.

An Ocean Modules sea drone deployed from the  Polarstern  research vessel

An Ocean Modules sea drone deployed from the Polarstern research vessel