V8 M500 for Polar Research

German polare research institute AWI has taken delivery of two additional Ocean Modules ROV systems to carry the most comprehensive arrays of sensors ever mounted to a V8 M500 ROV. Sensors include USBL positioning, a scanning sonar, a multibeam sonar, an altimeter, a wide-angle HD camera, multiple navigation and observation cameras, a high-resolution stills camera, hyperspectral radiometer, hyperspectral extinction, red scattering, CDOM fluorescence, chlorophyll fluorescence, salinity, temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen concentration and nitrate concentration, all recorded and synchronised by the SPOT.ON Survey System software for automatic reporting.

The new ROV systems were shipped directly from acceptance test and operator training to Tromsø, where they were immediately loaded onto Polarstern for departure on expedition PS101. The activities can be followed through the weekly reports and the Polarstern blog.