First V8 M500N Delivered

Ocean Modules has completed the first V8 M500N ROV system, based on the standard V8 M500 design, but adapted specifically for the nuclear industry. The new ROV will be taken into service by James Fisher Nuclear Ltd shortly, but first it will be put on display at the Ocean Business expo in Southampton the 14th-16th of April.

The V8 M500N has a lower frame, a new toolskid design for a purpose-built set of tools, extended safety features provided by new software modes of operation and an ingenious skid adapter for existing cleaning and lifting devices.

Of course, the ROV system also fulfills the strict safety and security requirements set by the nuclear industry, including radiation testing and CE conformity marking.

Ocean Modules would like to thank James Fisher for exemplary support during the project execution, we are confident that the M500N will be a mutually beneficial success!